Juniper & McKown Point Column: Much ‘improvement’

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 12:00pm

    Welcome back, everyone and Happy Fourth of July! We are so sad that we are unable to hold our traditional welcome back party and lobster bake. However, everyone is finding a way to greet and catch up — over hedges, fences and across the road way.

    Last week the “I” in JPVIS got a work out. First up, the septic pump for the Community House and Director’s Cottage failed. Befittingly it was discovered by ex-Community House co-chair Kathy Wilkinson who was on the Point just long enough to freshen up her landscaping and celebrate a birthday. She happily turned the problem over to her replacement, your correspondent. Monday was “hold the flush” while pumpers and plumbers worked to get us back in business. Many thanks to Dave and Becky for their good humor and patience. A day later more visible improvements to the McKown Pt Road entrance to the Community House started: replacement of the lattice, several rotting floor boards and rails. The white lattice has been replaced with green to match the rest of the buildings and show less dirt and mildew.

    Saturday brought a perfect “Improvement Day,” organized by Jon Sylvester. He reports that it was the best attended so far with entire families and individuals pitching in. Right-of-Ways were cleared and widened, tennis courts weeded, grass planted and others worked lopers and snips to clear the steps to the beach. Thank you everyone!

    Usually the first question when someone arrives is “When did you get here?” This year it’s “How did you get here?” Best story so far comes from off-pointers Harry and Jo Moser who took an overnight auto train from Orlando to D.C., getting some sleep in their private bunks along the way. They hopped off the train, found their car and drove straight up to Boothbay. Charlotte Morrison maybe had the longest haul, starting in Minneapolis with David and Trina and grandson Quillan. 10 hours later they stopped in Ft.Wayne to catch some sleep and pick up two more grandchildren, Rowan and Madeline. They continued 18 hours straight to Boothbay. Apparently they were a sight with a huge roof rack and groceries on the back bumper.

    Beating their drive, though, will be Christina Edwards, her husband Aaron and sons Wyatt and Sam, plus a dog, who are driving cross country from Tahoe, California. Expect them around July 9th. Her sister Julie, who lives just down the road in Portland has it much easier to visit Pooler Road.

    John Gillies reports that his son Chris, wife Kim and their daughters Christie and Zoe have moved into the Whitten cottage in the field. Kim intends to follow the tradition of Mildred Reed of having cookies for any kids playing in the field. Yum!

    Dave has lots in store for Juniors on Tuesday and Thursday evenings this summer. Last week was TikTok (no, Boomers, that is the not the past tense of Tic Tac), organized by Tess McComiskey and her hip Mom Jose. Sunday nights (6:30) the Ice Cream Social is on, with wrapped frozen treats enjoyed six feet apart. Deliveries available!

    Tomorrow night, the 3rd, is the annual Parent-Child round robin from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Sign up with Dave or Susan.

    Everyone has their quarantine tales. It’s gotten a little easier with the ability to be tested, either within 72 hours before arriving OR getting tested at the Community Health Center at the Small Mall after arrival, shortening the quarantine time until test results.

    We are so fortunate to be here in Maine with a very low COVID-19 count. Let’s all work towards keeping it that way: quarantine or get tested, wash your hands a lot, wear your mask and keep at least a six-foot distance. Be especially thoughtful as you join in any activities here or in town.

    Please keep sending your news or musings to by Sunday. Thanks.