Juniper and McKown Points

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 10:00am

And we’re off ... to the Summer of 2022 and, fingers crossed, back to our usual round of activities here on the Point.

This weekend starts the ball rolling with “Gentle Yoga with Romee” at the Community House from 8:45 to 10 Saturday morning. No sign up necessary, mats are available. Please bring cash or plan to Venmo your donation for this great warm up for the weekend ahead.

Maybe also pack your work gloves and clippers as Grounds Improvement Day is scheduled for 9:30 Saturday morning. More info will be out this week. All hands on deck will be needed to clean up after this stormy winter.

The Welcome Back reception will be this Sunday evening at 6. If you don’t remember the drill from the pre-COVID years, it’s BYOB and and an appetizer to share. To keep down on throw-always, please consider bringing your own glass. Ice will be provided.

Dave, Becky and the girls arrived this past weekend and tennis started right up Monday morning under bright blue skies. There is a detailed schedule on the JPVIS website of both clinics and round robin play. Be sure to sign up for the tennis emails if you’re not receiving them. Once again this year, thanks to Linda King and Dave Taylor for organizing the ladies and the men’s round robins respectively.

Two big projects were completed before opening day. First, the new beach steps are beautiful and worth a visit even if it might be too chilly to swim right away. (If you do go in, call me and I’ll come take your photo for the column.)

Secondly, thanks to Denny Wilkinson’s oversight while the House and Garden Committee was far away, the Community House has been entirely re-wired. It was a two year wait for an electrician and we appreciate Denny pitching in. The south facing peak has been wired for installation of an exhaust fan to draw some of the heat out of the building. Anyone with experience with this kind of fan, please contact me or Debbie Rosenberg.

Jose would like to thank everyone who renewed their membership online. Don’t forget to log back on and sign up for the Lobster Bake, “live” in Whitten’s Field, next Saturday July 2.

With walkers and bicyclists back, let’s all slow down on McKown Point Road, also on our side roads and lanes.

Any news or suggestions for this column, please send to Don’t make me turn into Lady Whistledown this summer.