Juniper and McKown Points Column: The community is alive with events

Mon, 06/27/2022 - 9:15am

By the time you’re reading this you should have signed up for the lobster bake this Saturday at 5. Pay attention to the emails regarding the bake; several things have changed including how we access the field. If you haven’t volunteered yet, check with Ann Swope to see where you can lend a hand.

The memorial service for Helene Barnes is this Sunday, July 3 at 4 p.m. at the Community House. Everyone is invited.

From her perch looking down at the swim float, Betty Repa reported on the first swimmers last week when it was still cold. Her photo shows Fred Moder in what looks like a wet suit with Ann and Dave Kynor on inflatable lounges nearby, looking like they only needed a drink with a parasol to round out their afternoon. Well done, all three of you!

Saturday morning Improvement Day was spearheaded by Dave Taylor. Assisting on chainsaws were Dave Kynor, Denny Wilkinson, Wade Judge and his son Nate. (The buzzing and shouts of “timber” were an interesting accompaniment to the last 15 minutes of yoga.) They got the job done quickly, opening up the east side of the Community House to more air circulation. Carey Swope weed whacked the trails and Anne (Markette) and Bill Lee and Cammie Beattie weeded the tennis courts. Thanks everyone for these improvements.

Last Sunday’s Welcome Back Reception was the best ever. The entire JPVIS “ton” turned out. Events chair Anne Marquette set out 100 name tags and came close to running out.The Community House was buzzing by 6:05 and the last of the appetizers were gone at 8. A big thanks to Lee Corbin who orchestrated the printing of our summer schedule (you know, the one you hang over the phone in the kitchen). They are available at the Community House.

There will be no yoga this Saturday, July 2. The lobster bake crew will be in the kitchen early prepping for the feast, not to mention Jim Dilley and his crew will be hauling the heavy iron pots out of the attic where they’ve sat unused for two years.

Speaking of the Community House attic, please do not “donate” anything to the Community House without checking first with the Committee or Dave. Jim Dilley and Denny Wilkinson each hauled a truckload of stuff that had accumulated up there to the dump. No more 1,000 piece puzzles, please.

Lisa (Barton) Derezin sent in the following: My husband Mike and I want to send a special thank you to all of our neighbors on Juniper Point Road for all your patience during the construction of our cottage the last few summers. Our builder Bill Dighton did an amazing job and we would like to invite anyone over for a tour so please stop by. One of my grandmother Nancy Barton’s wall hangings, “Mangrove”, is now in our stairway; it looks spectacular so please come see it.

Next week’s column has an early deadline – Friday – because of the holiday Monday. I’ll see what I can wring out for news. Send yours to