Lincoln County

January property transfers

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 8:00am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in January:

Alna: Verney, Joel W. P R and Verney, Richard A. Est. to Verney, Jeffrey W. and Verney, Jay W.; Verney, Joel W. P R and Verney, Richard A. Est. to Verney, Joel W.; Wood, William N., Wood,  William and Hughes, Deborah to Bailey, Maya C.; Dodge, Joy W. to Verney, Joel W.

Boothbay: Barrett, Martha B. and Malcom, Stephen L. to Barrett, Martha B. Tr., Martha B. Barrett Living Trust, Barrett, Martha B. Living Trust and Malcom, Stephen L. Tr.;  McLellan, Roland G. to McLellan, Roland G. and Pierce, Lynda; Lewis, Bruce M. and Lewis, Georgette A. to Mitchell, Edwin M. Jr. and Mitchell, Lori A.; Walsh, Michael J. and Walsh, Robin H. to Johnson, Hannah M. and McHugh, Robert E.; Hallowell, Milton L. to Hallowell Samoset Trail Legacy LLC; Leighton, Denise M. Tr., Leighton Family Trust and Leighton, Donald S. Tr. to Barrett, Martha B. Tr., Malcom, Stephen L. Tr., Martha B. Barrett Living Trust and Barrett, Martha B. Living Trust; Kovarik, Ellen M. to Coady, Kelley A. and Suarez, John Mark; Neri, Ernest P. to Jones, Carroll J.; Krebs, Dieter H. P R and Krebs, Robert K. Est. to Krebs, Anna.

Boothbay Harbor: Coady, Judith and Main, Judith C. to Main, Jimmy L.; Balog, Sheila A. to SAB Properties LLC; Yardley, James C. to Yardley, Nancy N.; Donatelli, James S. to Donatelli, James S. and Donatelli, Laurel S.; Yardley, Nancy N. to Yardley, Nancy N. Tr., Nancy N. Yardley Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Yardley, Nancy N. Qualified Personal Residence Trust; Yardley, James C. to Yardley, James C. Tr., James C. Yardley Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Yardley, James C. Qualified Personal Residence Trust; Mundy, Jacqueline S. Tr., Peter Mundy Revocable Trust and Mundy, Peter Revocable Trust to Mundy, Jacqueline S.; Mundy, Jacqueline S. to Mundy, Jacqueline S. Tr., Jacqueline S. Mundy Revocable Trust and Mundy, Jacqueline S. Revocable Trust; Williams, Ellen and Pinkham, Ellen to Hanson, Darryl D.; Duprey, Richard V. P R and Taylor, Eleanor P. Est. to Great Hill LLC; Webster, Dorinda L., Webster, Philip E. and Webster, Dorinda S. to Webster, Dorinda L. and Webster, Philip E.; United States Of America RHS, United States Of America FMHA, Sharon, Cynthia B. and Spear, Cynthia B. to United States Of America RHS and United States Of America FMHA; Webster, Dorinda L., Webster, Dorinda S. and Webster Philip E. to Farnham, Jonathan M. and Farnham, Charity L.; Shepard, Steven P R, Borroff, Marie E. Est. and Bartlett, Beatrice P R to Rickeman, Virginia Shepard.

Dresden:  Dewsnap, Arthur F. III and Dewsnap, Tina M. to Dewsnap, Arthur F. III Tr., Dewsnap, Tina M. Tr. and Dewsnap Family Living Trust 2020; Safford, George A. Jr. to Safford, George A. Jr. and Safford, Terry A.;  Hersom, Ella K. Est. and Hersom, Robert S. Jr. P R to Hersom, Robert S. Jr. and Hersom, Randal S.

Edgecomb: Blenkhorn, Leslie to Theall, Sharon M.; Spurgat, Adam C. and Waterhouse, Jacey P. to Waterhouse, Jacey P. Tr., Adam C. Spurgat Revocable Trust, Spurgat, Adam C. Revocable Trust, Jacey P. Waterhouse Revocable Trust, Spurgat, Adam C. Tr. and Waterhouse, Jacey P. Revocable Trust; Baade, Peter B. and Baade, Ragnhild to Baade, Peter B., Baade, Sanna L. and Baade, Ragnhild; Hallawell, Barbara H. to Heafitz, Lewis.

Southport: Seifert, Sandra C. to Bruun, Peter R.; Cole, Matthew B., Cole, B. Gwen and Cole, Barbara Gwen to Wallace, R. Michael and Wallace, Rachel N.; Lingard, Carol R. to Lingard, Carol R. and Ruddy, Veronica L.; Friedman, William H. Tr., Friedman, Hillary L. Tr., William H. Friedman and Hillary L. Friedman Revocable Living Trust and Friedman, William H. and Friedman Hillary L. Revocable Living Trust to Jobes, Elizabeth V. and Jobes, Theodore H.; Hess, Frederick W. and Hess, Martha B. to Collins, Emily Hess and Hess, Ethan Frederick; Tibbetts, George Dusty and Tibbetts, Dusty to Warring, Janice Tibbetts. 

Westport Island: Bowman, Family Trust and Bowman, Scott D. Tr. to Bowman, Scott D.; Durgin, Daniel C. to O'Neil, Danny O. and O'Neil, Deborah L.

Wiscasset:  First National Bank and First N A to Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M.; Soule, Raymond to Mackenzie, John; Micozzi, Jennifer and Rowe, Michael to Bryant, Rikki M.; Ship's Chow Hall LLC to 277 Bath Road LLC; Riley, Mackenzie Leigh and Riley, Nicholas Paul to Truman Corp and Turn Key Homes Of Maine; Kenny, Michael W. and Kenny, Jean to Blaylock, William J. and Hagestrom,  Palmer R.; Maurizi, John to United States Of America HUD; Asche, Laurie R. and Reynolds, Laurie B. to Embrey, Patricia Anne and Riese, Richard Robert; McIntosh, Jay and Allison, Eliza M. to Morissette, Steven J.; Carrier, Renee D. and Skinner, Renee D. to Johnson, Tessa M. and Creta, Guiseppe A.; Camden National Bank, Bank Of Maine, Savings Bank Of Maine, Cinq,  Mars Kenneth W., Cinq, Mars Gisele R., Mars, Kenneth W. Cinq and Mars, Gisele R. Cinq to Camden National Bank; Camden National Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association; Thompsen, Karen R. to McMorrow, J. Brendan; Federal National Mortgage Association, Jaynes, Cindi and Janes, Larry M. to Federal National Mortgage Association; Lambert, Kenneth H. and Lambert, Teri L. to Lambert, Kenneth H.; West, Robert to Talbot, Julie M. and West, Julie M.; Talbot, Julie M. and West, Julie M. to Talbot, Julie M. and Talbot, David C.; Soule, Carolyn A. to Soule, Carolyn A. Tr., Carolyn A. Soule Living Trust and Soule, Carolyn A. Living Trust.