Isle of Springs Column: Welcomes, music and more

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 3:30pm

This week there is much news fit to print! To begin, some welcomes: A hearty welcome to Mia, Lily and James Delisi triplets of Elise and Joe Delisi. They are indeed the first known IOS triplets. Congratulations to their parents and to Jim Morrell, proud grandfather. In a couple of years, those three will be added to the throng of kids on the Children’s Work Party led by him. A second and somewhat belated Welcome goes to the new owners of Bowen cottage, Brenda Bowen and her husband Michael Smith plus David Bowen and his wife, Sheri Hans. The next generation in that household are Becky, Emma, Andrew, and Natalie.

Saturday night the Casino swayed to the music of five incredibly talented musicians, Becky Goodman (voice and guitar and improv), Arthur Norton (piano), Greg Regan (drums), and Todd Olsen (bongo drums and harmonica). This was a first for these five to combine their talents and provide entertainment all in support of the Tennis Club. The genre of the music ranged from the 1930s, to the “Fantastics,” and all the way up to the Bruce Springsteen (“I’m on Fire”). It should be noted that Greg stepped in as drummer after a 30-year hiatus to cover for Bob Esterberg who was unfortunately unable to be there. We always knew that Arthur was an amazing pianist and that Bob was a professional drummer, but we had no idea of how wonderful Becky’s voice is (and how flexible she is about different types of music. On top of that, she played and sang one of her pieces, “New York,” or that Greg could even play the drums. What a treat! Additionally, Katy Rydell sang and performed with a guitar, “Grease Rag Blues,” a song she composed about her puppet, Charlie and his rocky relationship to Mike Thompson. Onto the shared desserts deserving mention, especially since they did not last long. From a decadent chocolate cake, to home-baked cookies, cobblers and lastly to a can of whipped cream. One can only imagine self-serve canned whipped cream being sprayed onto cake, cookies, cobbler and of course enjoyed straight up!

Less exciting this past week, but important, was the 2nd Dodder removal work party. Pretty much only daughters participated in this ‘party’s’ mowing, raking and bagging the Dodder in the NW shore field. The healthy ground cover of poison ivy forced the workers to be more vigilant. In case you are not familiar, Dodder is a parasitic plant that looks like orange thread. It strangles other plants and uses the other plants for their photosynthesis. If you see any plants covered with unusual orange threads, please report the location to Kim for removal. The next invasive to be attacked will be Asian bittersweet that has begun to take over the trees and shrubs close by.

Sunday’s Evening Service was let by Gabby Pierce. Gabby described her six weeks educational mission around Tanzania. While there she traveled to six schools, learned about a variety of the tribal cultures, assisted in teaching and supporting the students and teachers, and making lifelong memories. She found that the differences between that country and the U.S. were vast. Her experiences and her relationship to the people there made a lasting impression. Gabby was clear that she has plans to return hopefully next summer. Thank you to Gabby for a most informative and insightful service.

You know summer’s close to its end when families have left the IOS for school, the blueberries and raspberries have passed and even the huckleberries are going by. The asters, rosehips and goldenrod are out, and the few turned maple leaves signal fall is around the corner. As we approach Labor Day, a final reminder: send your photos of all the females in your cottage to me for next year’s album, think about what feminine artifacts you are willing to loan to next year’s NeKII exhibit, what you might like to wear to a Roaring 20’s event in 2020. And, most importantly, don’t forget the Farmhouse Picnic once again hosted by the Morrell family Saturday of next weekend!