Isle of Springs Column: Meetings, tennis, visitors and more

Posted:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 10:00am

Whew! Last week's double column nearly blew out my computer, so I'll make it quick this week. There were a few big events that bear noting.

Another successful Town Hall meeting Saturday morning, with Rob Reece at the helm, turned out to be a continuation of discussions that were held at the first Town Hall meeting in July. There were many issues that were tackled and discussed then, and over the summer the Board took into consideration the wants and needs of all personnel and islanders, and they were able to finalize our new by-laws. It has been a huge project and not one to be taken lightly. Thanks to the Board for letting us air our views and votes.

Saturday evening held the Annual Meeting with the Casino filled with shareholders who agreed having the earlier meeting made for a simpler give and take, and we finished all motions and agreements in record time. So many kudos go out to John Ridlon for the incredible yeoman's job of re-organizing the by-laws over two years of blood, sweat and tears. Thank you so much for your years of diligence and painstakingly thorough work.

Sunday morning we woke to another fog bank, but, luckily, by 8:30 it burned off and we were able to jump right into the IOS Mixed-Up Doubles Tennis Tournament. Unfortunately, there were quite a few injuries that prevented many islanders to play, but the entertainment never fails to impress. This year the winners of the tournament were Leah Miller and Doug Erickson, with the runners-up being Carol Burvill and Asa Welty. The sweet trophies were small and large cups that were given another life after Maddie and Asa's wedding with the logo “Game, Set, Perfect Match.” These two have run the tournament for several years, and each time have come up with unique trophies. Good job, kiddos.

Jeanie and Eddie Reed enjoyed the company of her grandchildren, Josiah (10), Celia (13) and Eve (15) from Farmington. Their parents arrived the next day, giving some precious alone time with their Nana and Eddie. They were able to explore the Island favorite spots, Jones' Point and, of course, Reed's Beach. Jeanie's sweet friends, Lorraine (94!), whose birthday was celebrated the next day with spice cake and homemade ice cream (oops. Had to used a good old electric churn though!), and dear friend, Claire (in her 80s). Making their virgin voyage in a skiff, Donna and family drove from places such as Turner, Livermore and Fayette. To top it off, they got a quick truck ride up to the cottage and their first golf cart ride to and from the Sunday Gathering. They were happy to thank the Ridlons and Morrells for sharing the wheels.

Speaking of the Sunday Gathering, Dave and Pam Heath from Laughton House and Pemaquid Beach joined them for dinner and Dave shared his music ministry. Aside from his job at Bath Iron Works, he performs at prisons, sharing his music with the population there. We were treated to wonderful guitar and harmonica songs, some of which he had written, and shared a “small world” story about one of his songs. He had gone to Guatemala many years ago and wrote this song for a teacher. It had made such an impression on one of the students who, about five years later, was giving a presentation which Dave attended. Lo and behold, if the guy didn't break into the very same song that Dave had written! Don'tcha just love those kinds of coincidences? He ended the evening with the group singing one of the songs from our hymnal. The rest of the Reed's guests enjoyed a fun pajama party with young and old alike, carousing into the midnight hour. As they left they all wanted to thank the islanders for sharing their piece of heaven on earth with them.

Don't forget our second annual Book Review, starring our own Brenda Bowen's novel, “Enchanted August” on Thursday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. We will discuss the book and afterward we'll see the movie “Enchanted April,” from which Brenda got much inspiration, but using our Island as a location. You'll recognize many places and people as you read.

On Friday, there is the second Ladies' Improvement Society Meeting at 9:30 a.m. in the Casino. All are invited to join in the fun.

Remember: the Penny Party is Saturday 7-10. Please get there early to get good seats, buy and cut your tickets (your own scissors are needed). There will be prizes for the ones who participated in the Children's Work Party. Captain Jim will be leading the pack around the Island, making it beautiful for all to enjoy, after which ice cream will be served and special tickets given out to use at the Penny Party.

Finally, on Sunday there will be the Annual Children's Service at 8 p.m. with coffee served at the playground in the AM during rehearsal for those parents whose children will be appearing in the event. Please let Brenda Bowen know if your child will be participating. They love doing it and everyone enjoys seeing the little faces and hearing their sweet voices.

I believe Joanne Phillips will be your columnist for next week, so please get your info in to her.

Thanks a bunch.