Isle of Springs Column: Meetings and merriment

Tue, 08/13/2019 - 12:30pm

You know it’s August when the goldenrod is out, the blueberries are plentiful, and when the spot you secure in the parking lot is a soccer field away from the landing. No surprise! Despite the exodus of the “July folks,” the heat of the weekends, the Annual Meeting/Tennis Tournament and the Penny Party brought our August summer crowds. Wouldn’t you know that on the eve of that most popular weekend, Kim had to activate our emergency call system to say, “Hold off on excess water use, there’s a leak in the line.” Thanks go to E. Pierce who discovered the leak below the tide line on Fosters Point. Immediately, Kim and Scott did a quick repair and were able to get the Water District here to deal with the problem. Within a few hours we were back in business.

Saturday a.m. Rob Reece and the BOD led the August All Island Meeting, a prelude to the Annual Meeting that evening where shareholders voted on the BOD recommendations. Of note, this year marked the passing of the gavel from Rob Reece as president to Betsy Morrell, who has the distinction of being the first IOS female president! Sunday was a perfect day for the Tennis Tournament. Competition was stiff. First place winners were Claudia Stevens with Chris Aeschliman, and second place Claudia’s daughter Alexa with Scott Hutchinson. Sunday’s service, led by Alan Polackwich, focused on a list of thoughts he wrote in 2000 to his son, Scott. Entitled, “Everything I Have Learned in 49 ½ years on Planet Earth,” a list of thought-provoking words for all to consider.

Ah, the second week of August — full parking lot is brimming with vehicles! Mon. was the August Work Party led by Peter Burvill and Anne Morehouse. Participants worked painting the pier rails and the Tidely Idley, clearing brush, lopping alders, kitty littering old paint, raking, sweeping walkways, general cleaning up and truck mechanics (Mike abd Nicole). It was wonderful to see all generations represented at such a “party!” That afternoon a special Wharf Party was held at the Sawyer’s Island landing. The major driver for this new location was the chance for us to catch up with Eleanor and Dick Morrell. The view of our Island and the breeze from that spot did not disappoint!

Led by Joanne Phillips on Wed. p.m., there was a lively Book Club discussion of “A Piece of the World,” an historical novel about Christina Olsen. Not to be outdone, the Tennis Fundraiser Dance led by Jeannie Reed and Patsy Mackenzie the next night brought rave reviews. Friday the LIS met. It was a treat to have male guest join the group, 4-month old Miles Vayda. Among the items of business, the LIS prepared next year’s social calendar (Maybe a Roaring 20s Dance?) and discussed community donations.

At last the eagerly anticipated weekend began. Both by and for the children of Isle of Springs its first activity was on Sat. a.m. with the Children’s Work party. Jim Morrell, a brave Pied Piper, led 25 enthusiastic kids in picking up litter and detritus on the shoreline. When finished, each participant was given an ice cream treat plus a free page of tickets for the evening’s Penny Party. The most eagerly anticipated event, the Penny Party, was held at 7 p.m. There were so many gifts that filled the stage that the party went on well into the evening. Thank you to Patsy Mackenzie for her role in continuing to lead this annual Tennis Fundraising event.

The week closed with the Children’s Sunday Service. Directed by Brenda Bowen, approximately 20 youth between the ages of four and 16 years participated in an impressive production by sharing their Island messages, reading poems, and leading us in song.

Phew! By the end of the week some needed a vacation from their vacation!

Reminders: Friday, 8/16 Wharf Party