letter to the editor

I want my government back

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

I want my government back, the good old one that guaranteed my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or property . . . same thing.

The protective one that did not allow any form of government to exist that thwarts those rights.

The one that would not legislate new government departments full of regulators, inspectors and enforcers whose mission is to search my home and enforce fees and fines and punish me for violations or non-compliance of regulations and restrictions that should not exist.

The decent one that would not confiscate my home before it is built, require me to reveal the plans, private information and a list of possessions in it and around it. It’s creepy.

The non-corrupted one that would not initiate laws restraining trade in favor of social justice.

The Democratic one that did not require my private home to be standard, uniform, predictable, fuel efficient, sustainably green and government controlled in order to be socially acceptable or justified . . . same thing.

Private property owners, please Google Agenda 21 to understand what’s coming upon us while we are being distracted by mainstream media, Trump bashing, #Me Too Moments, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, border walls and the Kardashians.

You may want our old government back, too. Mandatory building code enforcement must go. I still want my home back and, if this works out, maybe we could get rid of the metric system while we’re at it.

David Lee