’Round Town

Happy Hookers

Posted:  Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 9:00am

On a coastal sunny day

Looking out across the Bay

The hookers met

With fabrics set

Their rugs well under way.

 A good friend, Sally Giantris, left a phone message for me a couple weeks back. She said that a local group of hookers would be gathering at her house for a three day guided workshop.

Now, defaulted personality that I have, memories of my early 1970s’ years working just outside New York City surfaced.

The most direct path to the city from my residence was via New Jersey Route 3 to the Lincoln Tunnel. Upon emerging from the tunnel, depending upon traffic flow and destination, 8thAvenue and 42ndStreet awaited. This area, at that time, was also a hooking workshop! I was certainly curious, but never inhaled! However, in stopped traffic, engaging conversation did occur.

The first ever “Southport Spring Hooking Camp” did not resemble, in any way, my 8thAvenue experiences.

Sally said, “At one of our weekly rug hooking sessions, we decided it would be fun to have a “Hooking Camp” here on Southport. We approached Pam Bartlett, a teacher we'd met in Florida, to see if she would be interested in leading a three day session in Maine. She agreed and the plans began.”

Pam has been “hooking” since 1983 and is a Pearl McKown trained teacher. She owns her own studio in Loudon, New Hampshire.

The group photographed above (not in order) includes: De Amplo, Patty Colhoun, Eleanor Correia, Karen Curtis, Lee Doughty, Liz Furber, Sally Giantris, Barbara Lally, Rose Marie Kreppein, Hazel Upham, Miriam Wade and instructor Pam Bartlett. Evie Turner was absent, still in Florida.

“Southport Rug Hookers” will exhibit their many rugs on Thursday, July 28, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Andrews Village Inn. Admission is free.

Charlie Wade, Miriam's son, designed and produced the aprons for the group.