Windjammer Days Festival

Grace Campbell design to adorn festival T-shirt

Posted:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 4:00pm

New Friends of Windjammer Days committee member Rosemary Bourette came on board with one cool, artsy idea this winter: invite the area school kids to create a design for T-shirts. Through the help of her daughter, Jessica Nadeau, art teacher at Boothbay Region Elementary School (BRES), Rosemary got the word out. There were also fliers up around the school and the contest was included in the morning announcements.

Grace Campbell, daughter of Tricia and Jason Campbell, came up with the winning design. Grace, an eighth grade student at BRES, was surprised but grateful, to find out hers was selected by the Friends of Windjammer Days.

Grace’s design was one of eight submitted by BRES students. Twenty members of the Friends of Windjammer Days committee and subcommittees voted on the designs at the Feb. 12 meeting. “It was a tough vote. There was something great about all of the designs, but in the end Grace’s four-masted ship representing the festival, the region and the state got the votes,” said Mark Gimbel.

At the outset, Grace, an avid sailor, knew she wanted the design to reflect the Festival, region and community she loves so much. “It took me a couple of tries, but I never really scrapped my first draft/idea. I drew a boat, but I decided that it was too boring.  I brainstormed more about how to liven it up and better reflect how I see our very special community. I finally decided on doing four patterns on the four sails. I chose each sail to represent something about Maine. In the end, I think the designs made it more unique and eye-catching!”

And the committee clearly agreed. The four-masted schooner rests on the water with fireworks exploding in the night sky. One mast is adorned with lobsters, another with pine trees, a third with sailboats and the fourth with fish. An American flag graces the top of the ship.

“We couldn’t be prouder of Grace,” mom Tricia said. “She gives her all in everything she does. Grace shines and her Dad and I are grateful to be her parents and along for the exciting ride!"

Gimbel said the committee had been looking for new ways to involve kids with the Festival - in addition to the pirate shenanigans, Kids’ Alley, the Boothbay Region Land Trust crafts tent, activities at Maine State Aquarium and Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, competing in the codfish relay race and/or lobster eating contest ... 

“Rosemary told Di and I about it,” Gimbel said. “We hashed it out with the committee. We wanted the kids to let their creative license flow ... and we decided to offer a $250 cash prize.”

What plans does Grace have for those winnings? “I’m not completely sure. Books, probably. I love to read! And yarn for knitting ... writing supplies, since I really enjoy writing too. I’ll probably save a lot of the money for future use.”

The committee plans to display all the designs at the Friends of Windjammer Days tent on the waterfront Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26.

Gimbel said the committee hasn’t ordered any shirts yet, but he expects Grace’s design will be on one color shirt, maybe a light blue, white or gray. Whatever the color, you’ll find them, and the annual commemorative soft goods and such at the Friends tent.

The 56th Annual Windjammer Days Festival dates are June 23-29. For details, visit