From the assistant editor

Good Wiscasset reads

Wed, 10/13/2021 - 9:00am

You don’t have to be in a good mood to read a Phil Di Vece column.

If you are up, Di Vece’s approach and bounty of information and recollections will lift you higher; if you are sluggish from the workaday world and all the scary things happening out there, he will make you feel better with a trip down memory lane or centuries past. Di Vece knows Wiscasset, and a lot more. And we thank him for writing for us.

He also takes some really nice photos and is good at finding and sharing historical ones, with help from his many friends who often share that love of local history and trust Phil to tell it. So check out his column, Salt ’n Spar, on page 10 this week and at It is, as always, a good one, and this one holds all kinds of meaning for Wiscasset alumni, and even those of us who went to other schools, like Morse High School in Bath, for example, will get it, because their schools, too, had sports heydays and other reasons to reminisce. And like Wiscasset High, now Wiscasset Middle High, Morse and others have changed a lot.

Speaking of someone who takes good photos for us and tells about all enjoyable things local and nearby, so does our “Man about Wiscasset” blogger and Wiscasset summer and part of fall resident, Frank Barnako. We have talked him up here before, but as his Wiscasset time winds down again it is nice to give him and the blog a fresh shoutout to say, thank you, Frank Barnako, and online readers, please give his blogs a look if you haven’t discovered them yet. Like Di Vece’s columns, they take you away for a bit, and might just inspire your own adventure.

Week’s positive parting thought: Go Red Sox! Making fall better, one win at a time.