’Round Town


Posted:  Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 7:45am

My image volume of many film photography years has dwindled considerably with the introduction of intelligent cameras, photo phones and the internet. But recently I got a nice burst of retro enthusiasm. A sustaining breath of fresh air from long time devoted Maine lovers and extended families.

Since the all-but-death of film, my more commercial photography has steadily declined.

We live in the most documented times in history — everyone is a photographer! In many ways, that’s been quite wonderful for those who never considered photography, but for those of us who have been “at it” as long as I have, the transition to digital has been a bit daunting. Relearning is a way of life. It’s been expensive and challenging, especially for we of little computer affection.

However, now and then, a wonder-filled moment of the unanticipated reminds me of “the good old days.”

In the last couple of weeks or so, I have been the hired hand for an amazing assortment of anniversaries, family reunions, birthdays and joy-filled “Maine is the best place on Earth” gatherings. It has been a refueling experience for me. People from far and wide have chosen Maine to celebrate their lives and a state of mind. A pure and simple connection with the soul of our great gift which is Maine.

I have photographed with families from all over — California, Georgia, Germany, Pennsylvania, and even Maine. In fact, one of my most recent exceptional experiences (pictured above), was a 90th birthday and cross generational celebration with the local Maine Marden family. Burnt Island Light hosted a historic gathering and a memorable intimate event honoring a wonderful person, Captain Hal Marden, whose Maine roots run deep and far. Even if I'd left the camera at home, this was a captivating experience.

Thank you Hal Marden and all who believe Maine is more than a destination. And thanks for inviting me to be part of your memory. I am truly honored.

My wonderful subjects, from left, Eric, Jen, Captain Hal, Scoop, Rick and Anna Marie (Adams) and baby Addy.