‘Forest City & Friends’: Rock ’n roll with soul

Wed, 04/15/2020 - 10:30am

Every song on this first CD by Forest City rocks – every song. I first started listening in my car, until the CD player died swallowing this CD and three others ... Anyway, the tunes moved me to “dance” while I was going here and there in my Jetta. ’Course, it’s always better to dance at home – more freedom of movement and all – when you can’t get out to hear the music live.

Bear in mind: I am not a musician, I cannot use the technical terms and all that jazz.

Before I get into the music, let’s check out the three veteran Midcoast Maine rockers who are Forest City. Then we’ll get to the incredible musicians. Let’s start with Christian Muccino. Chris is a former Wiscasset resident who was a member of the town’s Indie rock band Liquid Daydream (1991-2002) and most recently, Endless Interstate, which featured fellow Daydream bandmates Matthias Sampson and Jordan Warsky.

On this CD, Muccino plays acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, synthesizer and keyboards; Pete Giordano also plays acoustic and electric guitars; and Greg Goodwin is on bass and percussion.

Forest City formed in 2016 with Giordano the primary lyricist. The band invited some friends to play on this first CD. Check ’em out: Jordan Warsky, Chris Dow (Mallett Brothers), Mike Chasse (Dominic and The Lucid), Ryan Zoidis (Lettuce, Rustic Overtones), Tony McNaboe (Rustic Overtones, Ray Lamontagne), Sheridan (Heart Shaped Rock), and others.

The one thing the tunes I especially like have in common: guitar solos. I’ve always been drawn to the language of the guitar. And when the musician is in complete sync with his instrument, when he or she just gives it up, loses themselves in the notes, the rhythm, the emotion … well, that’s when you know there’s a soul connection going on there!

This Forest City & Friends CD is predominantly rock ’n roll, with a bit of Indie … theirs is just a really cool sound! The first time I listened to the entire CD, I was struck by how distinctively different each song was from beginning to end. That’s not something that is typically the case with albums, I mean CDs.

Phone Booth” – the melodies, harmonies, and stories of love found, love lost, questioning why … And a yummy guitar solo … and the end of the song ...

“I’m not like Superman – without my glasses I can’t see at all – can’t see anything at all … yeah, yeah, yeah … Moving on … the singing and music fades into a lone banjo solo … and then … silence.

“Rainmaker” is one of my fave songs – and yes, there is a groovy, late 60s-sounding guitar riffing and soloing to my great delight.

Look, just check it out for yourself. You’ve just got to. The CD is available at Bull Moose stores in Brunswick and Portland and at Digital version is available on Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and others.

And, finally, the CD release show slated for May 30 at the Portland House of Music has not yet been cancelled. Hope springs eternal, right? Keep up to date on this event (sure to be killer) and tickets at or