letter to the editor

Enough is enough

Posted:  Monday, January 14, 2019 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

At the last Boothbay Harbor Planning Board meeting, the rhetoric continued. This board has worked tirelessly to present the facts and information about the reconstruction and improvements for the east side of the harbor to the community. There have been written statements, drawings and actual pictures presented regarding this venture.

It is time to get the facts, stop listening to rumors and innuendos that are rampant. Change is vital to this community. I have lived here for 62 years and there have been many changes. The Opera House was saved, the YMCA was built, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has been developed, the movie theater has been saved – all positive. The east side needs to come into compliance and the real world. The entire Boothbay region should be under the same rules and regulations regarding setbacks, height restrictions and corridors for viewing, etc. It is no longer a “quaint” fishing village that has tourists visit. It is an important tourism location that has a viable lobster fishing community. Nothing will change. There is and will be access for the fishermen to dock and to sell their catch.

It is time to take the personalities out of this equation. Bring the great work of the planning board to the selectmen and then to the voters of this community to make a decision regarding the future of this region. Change is our future; without change, our 12-mile driveway from Route 1 will be a memory, not a destination.

Laura S. Honey

Boothbay Harbor