letter to the editor

Don’t shut down LLC

Mon, 05/03/2021 - 3:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    This whole thing with the Lighthouse Learning Center has put parents, children and LLC's staff (as well as Kim's livelihood) in an unbelievably difficult and unnecessary situation. These kids have been together for years and need the stability and socialization that LLC provides. I have never once felt that my children's safety was at risk or that the staff members were unconcerned with their health and safety.

    My daughter has a blood clotting disorder that requires expensive medications to always be on hand in the event of an injury. Kim and her staff have always been wonderful at letting my husband and I know of any bumps and bruises she gets as well as what they have done to manage them. My son attended preschool there and received services from CDS at LLC. They always accommodated the CDS workers whether services were provided via Zoom calls or the therapists came to him. I have regular meetings with CDS on my son's progress --- they always rave about LLC and how well children with either special needs or those that need additional help with speech, etc. do in Kim's facility. In fact, I was recently told that CDS would like LLC to take on more special needs children.

    I must ask why CDS and the state would request that of LLC if there were as many safety/COVID violations as DHHS claims?

    I spoke with a woman named Tammy at DHHS. She stated that there had been 14 fire code violations and that each time Kim told them it had been corrected. If there were so many violations wouldn't one think that, with that many violations and each one lied about having been corrected that LLC would have a) been closed already? or b) been checked upon as soon as they were told the violations were corrected?

    This obviously seems to be a vendetta directed at LLC with no thought to the devastating effect it has already had on families and children. Please do not allow the shut down of LLC to occur.

    Rebecca Riser Miller