letter to the editor

Don’t dump on ME!

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 2:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    I was walking along Back Narrows Road a couple of days ago soaking in the sun and noticing the little signs of spring in the trees and on the ground. But then, I also starting noticing the trash — cans particularly --- but also little booze bottles, Dunkin Donut cups, lids and wrappers, and takeout food containers, all along the side in the drainage ditches and trees. It is amazing how much is there … a total bummer actually!

    Here we are, living in Maine, priding ourselves on the beauty of our state, but we are not making the effort to maintain that beauty. Can’t we take a minute to put a Hannaford bag in the car/truck to collect the remains and then just get rid of it into a trash can or recycling bin? Not toss it out the window but hang on to it and put it where it belongs — in the trash!

    Let us all be guardians of our state of Maine — it truly deserves to be cherished, not dumped on!

    Peggy Kotin