DEYC welcomes summer

Sat, 06/15/2019 - 8:00am

Saturday, June 9 was “The Day!” It looked as if summer was really here. Hodgdon’s Yacht Services in Southport was bubbling with activity as several members of the DEYC were busy readying Building #1 for the traditional DEYC Launch Party. For many Junes now, Hodgdon has generously made their facility available for this occasion.

Before the party began, Commodore Steve Arkley held a scheduled board meeting. The limited agenda was soon behind them and all joined in the task of converting the boat shed to a party atmosphere venue.

Tables were set precisely for the delicacies prepared by Lisa Hallinan and her crew. While some DEYC members arranged tables and chairs for convenient socializing and dining, additional crew worked to ready the popular Woody Wagon and Ship’s Store. Finally, the welcome table was conveniently located for check-in.

During the first hour, Lisa’s associates, Kris and Stephanie, rotated through the crowd serving a variety of delicacies including shrimp cocktail and asparagus wrapped Prosciutto with a drizzle of balsamic glaze, trays of assorted cheeses, fruits, veggies with dip, crackers and French bread plus pepperoni.

Generously displayed food tables featured chicken-salad with craisins and almonds, coleslaw, pulled pork, baked ham, traditional devil eggs and finally brownies and cookies.

Mild congestion at the busy Woody Wagon was soon allayed as several volunteer servers happily addressed the eager waiting lines. As the party continued, one could hear comments of genuine camaraderie such as, “Cruised through the Harbor today! Great to be home! Great to see you! Painted the bottom yet?”

At 1600 hours Commodore Steve Arkley “Rang the Bell” for his announcements. Opening with hearty thanks to Hodgdon Yachts and Lisa Hallinan, he followed with a reminder of upcoming summer events, including the annual Cruise and Day Tripper cruises. He then recognized past DEYC commodores in attendance; Skip Williams, Joe Blake, Sandy Young, John Barsomian, Bill George, George Hamilton, Susan Pope, Bob Wheeler, Shirley Geoffrion and Dick Woods. He also introduced new members, Dewey and Anne Harris, Bob Hutchinson and Carol Blake, Dick and Nelda Keith, Charles and Kelley Race, Ted and Betty Repa, Bob and Lisa Conn and Paul Burgess and Polly Moutevellis. All were greeted with a resounding ovation.

The very successful event ended near 1850 hours with group take-down and clean-up. Next up is the first day-tripper event. Fair winds and sunny skies to all.