letter to the editor

Dale Harmon: Fair, honest and respectful

Posted:  Monday, April 23, 2018 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

I have known Dale Harmon for many years, worked with him on both water department projects and town selectman issues. His approach to all issues and challenges has always been "What's the best way to do this for the community — what's the best solution for all."  Watch any selectmen's meeting and you will see that he weighs the issues, asks questions and is always fair, honest and respectful. An ethic hard to come by in business and politics.

Dale lives and works in Boothbay. Whether on a project for the water department or picking up his kids at school, you can stop and ask him questions about any issue. I don't think he can make it out of Hannaford in under an hour. He takes the time, does the research, tells you all the information he knows, listens to your concerns and will not sway you in any way.

I have seen him make the hard decisions over the years. He has the best interests of the region in mind and is the most capable representative for Boothbay.

Joseph Paolillo

East Boothbay