letter to the editor


Posted:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

It keep getting eve crazier.

Our president now is denying statements he has made publicly. That wasn’t him on those “Access Hollywood” tapes, he says, after he had admitted it and apologized for his statements. Now he questions whether Obama was born in the U.S., another denial. Next he’ll be telling us those were computer-generated images of him planted by the lying media. Every other day one of his staff/cabinet members admits guilt or is fired. Is the secretary of state next?

The other day I took some comfort in that he hasn’t made the mess that President Bush left. Then I remembered Bush had four years and Trump has barely had a year! What will happen in another year, let alone four or eight years? Poor Mr. Bush, a polite, gracious, gentleman. Oh, how I miss him!

Thank God Christmas is coming and at least we have something nice to think about.

Frances Bredeau

Boothbay Harbor