Lincoln County commissioners

Corrected: MDOT to review Somerville petition

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 8:15am

The citizens’ petition that came to Lincoln County commissioners two weeks ago with concerns about a gravel road in Somerville has been referred to Maine Department of Transportation to see if the road is passable, County Administrator Carrie Kipfer said at commissioners’ Nov. 20 meeting. Since the petition was presented, some things have changed in Somerville, including the hire of a new road commissioner, she said. And she expressed hope the issue can be resolved between the petitioners and the town. If a public hearing is needed, the commissioners will serve as arbitrator, and the losing side will have to pay any costs of the hearing.

The Emergency Management Agency got permission to go out to bid for a new vehicle. The EMA will be trading its Rav4 for a pick up truck. Bids are expected by Dec. 3.

The Sheriff’s Office announced Dan Sceviour has resigned. Commissioners approved an extended Addiction Resource Center contract to let personnel participate in youth programs at Medomak High School. A new advisory committee has been created to guide the Lincoln County Dental program. Members include James Olson, Dick MacLean and Mary Ellen Barnes. They will review any issues with the grant for the project.

The large recycling bailer is out of commission because the computer that runs it shut down for a long weekend, its battery died, and the computer lost all its software. Kipfer is trying to get software from the original company, but is not certain the 25-year-old program is still available. If not, the bailer may need a new control board, for $8,000-$30,000.

The memorial to those fallen in the line of duty is in the process of being engraved, and commissioners approved the purchase order for the monument for $2,450. A purchase order for Ransom Engineering for its work at 35 Water Street was also approved, for $5,508.25.

Commissioners meet next on Dec. 4.

Editor’s note: This article previously stated MDOT would serve as arbitrator if a public hearing is needed.