Cool temps persist but bright spring colors prevail at Garden Therapy

Sun, 05/12/2019 - 8:00am

The Garden Therapy team from the Boothbay Region Garden Club met with residents of the Gregory Wing last week to coax some fresh spring colors out of hiding through a fun and successful project.

Forks, acrylic paints, and pre-cut “vases” were provided to the participants. Dipping fork tongs into paint and pressing onto artists paper created colorful tulips. Stems were added with markers and voila! Many made two or even three to share with others.

This project provided an opportunity to blend colors, make decisions, share ideas, exercise small hand muscles, and have fun.

New hands are always welcome to join in providing stimulating garden related projects for the residents at St. Andrews Village. If you are already a BRGC member, think about joining this worthwhile and rewarding endeavor, and if you are not yet a member, contact Sandra Abernathy (633-0392) or Alice Schambra (633- 7162) for more information on how to join. Visit to learn more about the organization’s upcoming events and ongoing activities.