letter to the editor

Confirmed in these pages

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 3:15pm

Dear Editor:

At this time and place of horrible divisiveness that is weakening (and could possibly destroy) all the fabric that holds our Republic together, I know how very precious are the ties that keep this community strong and alive.

For half of my long life, I lived in an oligarchy where bribery took the place of rule of law and where demagoguery was tolerated as a necessary control where democracy had failed.

Forty years ago, my lucky stars led me to this peninsula and I was able to leave the land of lying and cheating behind, and the demagogues to those who believed they were a necessary evil to keep rebellions at bay and inequalities in place.

For the past 40 years, I have felt blessed to live here among equals, where the quality of our lives is palpable in every way. No one is ever alone, everyone extends their hands with concern and caring. We all live surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the land and sea and respect for others is our unspoken command. We even have silence when we wish it so and open spaces the Land Trust has kept as our everlasting gift.

My good fortune is confirmed in the pages of the Boothbay Register. That is where we speak to each other, that is where we are made aware of every activity that enriches our daily lives, and that is the place we go to to confirm the spirit of our community and way of life.

I have never heard anyone say that the Register prints “fake news” or that it is partisan, or know of anyone who does not read the different points of view that readers express. It is our paper, our news, our response, our arguments, our proof of our democracy here in our home, our proof that freedom of the press is essential if we are to honor the First Amendment of our Constitution.

As active participants, as neighbors and citizens, we will hold hands and continue to find joy in our hearts close to home. The Boothbay Register will always celebrate that message for us every Thursday, every year, every decade and beyond.

Lola O’Byrne

Boothbay Harbor