letter to the editor

A community of gracious givers

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

Without you — our community of churches and businesses and everyone on and off the peninsula — the 2019 Set For Success at the Boothbay Region YMCA would not have been possible. It clearly was our biggest yet!

To all who have given money donations and school supply donations and cheerful support, we thank you. To the many, many volunteers from everywhere … wowza … you were life savers lugging and tugging and stacking boxes and boxes of school supplies, setting up tables, hair salon furniture, clothing racks and hanging bags and bags of new clothing to working at the pre-event barbecue and at the shopping event making every child feel so special — we thank you.

To the 34 event booth folks sharing your special expertise and support to our students and their families, we thank you. To Beth and David at our local Hannaford who supplemented so much of the pre-event barbecue, thank you. Our gratitude to Scott Larson of Compass Rose for the use of a great bounce house and grilling a mean dog and burger along with grilling gurus, Bill Burge, Tom Chryplewicz and Keith Laser, Superintendent AOS 98 schools.

To the custodial staff and Facilities Director Rose Mooney, who take such great care of us in the most wonderful upbeat way, thank you, and to Andy Hamblett for all your support.

Parents, I am so impressed with your overall kindness and smiles especially while waiting in line with your children to shop. It made my day!

One more person who is key to the success of this event is good friend Nancy Van Dyke who coordinates with every event booth person starting in early May, designs the floor plan, coordinates with Facilities Director and lays the ground work on set up day. Nancy will tell you she moves about the entire Field House like a shark to be sure everyone is in place and ready to go when we open the doors. It is a daunting task and she does it with grace. Thank you Nancy.

Sue Burge

Event Coordinator

Set For Success