letter to the editor

CMP versus Santa Claus

Mon, 12/28/2020 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

Santa Claus is known and trusted for his benevolence. Milk and cookies and perhaps a clean chimney are all he expects. CMP is the “polar “ opposite, expecting and demanding that Maine donates huge gifts in return for far too little. Barely enough to pay for the wrapping paper and bows. In fact, CMP and its foreign owner are more like The Grinch That Stole Christmas lacking the humanity he manifests at the story’s end.

How has such a cruel plan been hatched to cheat the Canadian Native tribes of their lands destroyed by flooding from the megadams that Quebec Hydro built? Or the destruction of beautiful forest habitat in the northwest of Maine? Why has Govenor Mills endorsed this bogus plan? To date, CMP has only provided us with the glitz of its advertisements, filled with false facts and empty promises.

Well, obviously CMP cares only about the billions in revenue that the corridor will gift shareholders in the Spanish parent company.

It will not benefit Maine nor CMP customers. It will not provide significant jobs for Maine residents, nor will it give us more electricity.

It will redirect electric power to Massachusetts away from “current” customers, but it will not create new clean energy.

It will destroy amazing Maine habitat that will harm outdoor recreation in Western Maine.

Our state politicians and our voters should stop the corridor. We should prioritize our own economy and energy plans.

Please sign the petitions for the referendum No CMP Corridor. The deadline for signature gathering ends soon. To locate a petition to sign, e-mail stopnecec@gmail.com

CMP’s “Clean Energy” is a scam.

Thank you to those who already signed the petitions.

Stephen Cook

East Boothbay