letter to the editor

Brud wasn’t the only one

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

I want to correct something in last week's paper about food sales on the streets of Boothbay Harbor. It was stated the Brud Pierce was the only vendor for sixty one years here.

Few, if any, will remember, but in the summer of 1970, my brother Bruce  (who was the proud owner of a 1965, 21-window VW bus at the time) and I were issued a victualer's license from the town and we promptly established “The Bus Stop Diner” where we offered seafood sandwiches for sale. Lobster rolls were $1.50, crab rolls 75 cents, and tuna rolls were 50 cents. We still have the menu board on the wall of the family camp.

Business was rather slow. In retrospect it is easy to understand the reluctance to buy such things from long-haired college students in street clothes. Our most memorable customers were a young family in a station wagon who after purchasing lunch for four, father said “This better be good or I'll come back and firebomb the place.”

After a torturous week in the food industry, we decided to pack it up and venture off to Quebec City, where we couldn't adapt to the language, then on to California where our adventures were numerable.

Youth is truly squandered on young people.

Tom Witt

Boothbay Harbor