BRHS senior Jordan Carrier’s future looks electric

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 9:00am

Boothbay Region High School senior Jordan Carrier is spending his last weeks as a student playing baseball, going to class and shuttling off to Bath Regional Career and Technical Center. Carrier is enrolled in the electricity program which provides foundational knowledge and training inside and outside the classroom.

For a long time, Bath Iron Works seemed like the logical choice for someone looking for a close-by, well-paying job that lets them work with their hands, said Carrier. Then he set sights on Bath Tech taking an interest in welding and electricity. With every intention on pursuing welding, Carrier found more appeal working with electricity after some time, so when he was not accepted into the welding program, he happily took it as fate electricity would be his career path.

“I've never really been content with just sitting inside school,” said Carrier. “I like to go out and use my hands and I think that's how Voc really drove me to build on that and the electrical program I'm in opened up that door.”

Carrier said he already has a job lined up with Lakeside Electric in the Nobleboro area where he will start as a helper electrician working toward his journeyman license. He will take the journeyman's test when he graduates Bath Tech this spring which will make him a journeyman in training. After that, Carrier said he will pursue his journeyman’s license, which will take 8,000 hours of work or just over four years, and then he will pursue his master’s license, another 4,000 hours or just over two years. In just a six or more years, Carrier could be starting his own company.

“But getting my master's license and getting my own business going is about as far as I've gone in my head. I'm just trying to get through the last of this before I get too far ahead of myself.”

Growing up, college was always the goal because it was the only future Carrier said he could see. For most high school students, all they have ever known is schooling without the full hands on experience, so programs like Bath Tech are a great place to find out whether or not your career ambitions start with massive student debt, Carrier said. From Carrier’s experience, Bath Tech is an important program for students unsure what they want to do once high school is over.

“And I think school's changed a little. They're not pushing college as much and they're definitely a lot more accepting and willing to help you with whatever path you choose. I can definitely credit some of my notability to the school system.”

Bath Tech Electric Instructor Landon Hixon also played a big part in turning Carrier on to electric, he said. Finding a passion and a knack for the work would not likely have been possible without the instructor. “He's done an amazing job of getting us to show up every day and learn. He started to instill a love for electrical in me, so I'd like to give him a bunch of credit for me joining the electric field.”

Carrier said he will continue to work for Lakeside Electric and pick up gigs with his father Marc Carrier’s business Drywall Concepts on Saturdays when possible. He will start his job as helper electrician for Lakeside in the summer.

Otherwise, Carrier said he will be spending time with his four siblings, girlfriend of two years and, in the rare off time, will probably do some fishing and candlepin bowling.

“It's big in my family, so I'll probably join a league,” he said. “Other than that, I'm making the most of every day. Finding some trouble to get in. We'll see I guess.”