BRHS freshmen become Woodchucks for a day

Woodchucks need volunteers
Sat, 10/14/2017 - 7:30am

    Eight Boothbay Region High School freshmen and two BRHS teachers helped the Woodchucks move and stack firewood for three and a half hours at the Woodchucks lot on Country Club Road in Boothbay on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

    The Woodchucks, one of the Boothbay Region Community Resource Council’s programs, provide firewood to area residents in need. The Woodchucks cut, split and stack the wood for the winter season.

    Done to jump start the ninth graders’ effort toward completing the school’s policy of providing a minimum of 20 hours of community service before graduating, the freshmen were under the guidance of the Woodchucks, English and homeroom teacher Mike Cherry and student teacher Ida Chapman.

    “Wednesday was PSAT day at BRHS,” said Cherry in an email. “All 10th and 11th graders at the high school took the PSAT that day, while 12th graders went on college visits and 9th graders went on community service field trips. My homeroom and I went to aid as the Woodchucks stack wood and load trucks for deliveries.

    “I'd like to add just how truly proud I was of those 9th graders I worked with ... I don't throw praise around lightly, but all of those students rolled up their sleeves — literally and metaphorically — and worked hard for the entire time they were there.  I was both impressed and filled with pride, which is about the best feeling any teacher can have.” 

    Woodchucks need help

    Most of the Woodchucks are “getting up there” in age and would like some help from able males and females. If you would like to volunteer, call 633-6272, email, or visit