BRHS Class of 2021 Grand March I

Fri, 06/11/2021 - 7:15am

The Boothbay Region High School Class of 2021 performed the Grand March June 10. The occasion was held on Sherman Field and marked the first time outdoors in the school’s 100-plus years of holding the event. Class of 1974 and 1975’s Melodee and Kevin Burnham led the procession of graduates’ parents before the graduates took the floor for the March.

Pairs for the March were Mason Erhard and Marissa Peters; Ryan Russell and Kylie Brown; Jamie LaBrecque and junior Emerson Harris; Cody Field and freshman Jordan Chamness; Kaeden Davis and Kayla Latter; Cameron Holbrook and junior Della Hahn; Isaac Bradstreet-Doughty and Jasmine Lewis; Gabriel Ostrowski and Maren Whitney; Deakon Harrington and Haley Wilson; Brady Harmon and junior Emily Crocker; Gareth Hodgdon and Rachel Gentry; Kaleb Ames and freshman Margaret Sledge; Sullivan Rice and junior Katerina Nein; Fox Elder and junior Ava Schlosser; Graham Harris and Cortney Meader; Adam Lowery and Zada Smith; Owen Barter and Emma Brewer; Jonah Zipperer and junior Jaelyn Crocker; Nathan Chatterton and Kalista Andrews; and Ben Pearce and Glory Blethen.