letter to the editor

Boothbay selectmen should protect the public

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 2:15pm

Dear Editor:

Desiree Scorcia's request for fellow select persons to wear cloth protective masks seemed like a very reasonable and intelligent request. The response by the elected officials was both disappointing and disturbing. Scorcia stated valid criteria for donning protective gear in gatherings as defined by CDC guidelines. Town meetings by ordinance are open to all residents and those who wish to attend, thus, protective safe guards are in order.

Exposure to the COVID-19 virus is a real and present danger to ourselves and those we love, our children, a spouse, parents and grandparents. At the peak of the summer tourist season there are many visitors from states that have had or are experiencing rampant waves of infection. Boothbay residents should be on guard to limit COVID-19 virus infections in our community. Each of us find ourselves in public settings, whether it be the transfer station, drinking public water or securing food. We should demand the highest personal hygiene practices of those exposed to the public. I find it threatening that two of the current selectmen are employed by public entities that provide direct services to Boothbay residents and guests, Steve Lewis, refuse disposal and Dale Harmon, drinking water services. Chuck Cunningham is employed in an essential business that requires its employees to demonstrate the highest level of disease control habits. Why aren't these elected officials demonstrating sound public safety practices and serving as role models for our residents?

Yes, Maine's infection and death rates are lower than many surrounding states. Empirical evidence of this success can be contributed to our citizens honoring the virus protection guidelines of social distancing, washing hands and wearing a face covering. The information and leadership provided by Governor Janet Mills and Maine State CDC Director Shah have served to educate and direct our citizens to practice habits that will minimize infection and death.

If so little courtesy and compliance are extended to fellow select persons, how are important decisions to be made? I urge the selectmen to comply with all efforts to stop COVID-19 in its tracks; wear a mask if you truly care about those you serve.

Tim Utley