Press release

Boothbay Region Health Center open to all

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 11:15am

    Boothbay Region Health Center, located in the Meadow Mall, Boothbay Harbor continues to serve local people during this time of need. We plan to be here for the community through thick and thin, as long as our staff remains healthy. Although other healthcare facilities are reducing their primary care services, we remain open and we welcome walk-ins and same day appointments. You don't need to be a current patient to use our services. And, you don't need to switch providers in order to avail yourselves of our services.

    Last week was our first week of doing a lot of TeleHealth visits, and it went off without a hitch. This has reduced the number of patients coming into the office, making it safer for those who do need to come into the office for lab work and/or to see a provider physically, rather than virtually. Our in-house phlebotomist can also handle your routine lab needs, such as Urinalysis, INRs, A1Cs, Metabolic Blood Panels, Thyroid levels, and cultures.

    So, during this time of “sheltering in place,” please don't neglect your necessary preventive and regular care. And, if you have an injury or a medical concern, don't hesitate to come. Local primary care is our specialty. Our experienced providers can diagnose and treat you and/or stitch you up. And Maine's CDC encourages patients to leave their homes for visits to the doctors' office. You need to stay healthy.

    Coronavirus concerns? We continue to answer lots of phone calls from concerned people who are looking for informed guidance, and we'll continue to be your local COVID-19 information resource. We're not doing coronavirus testing at the Health Center, but we will screen by phone, give you the most current symptoms and testing information, and give you the number to call to direct you to the closest current testing location.

    We offer same day walk-in services to anyone of any age for those medical issues that cannot wait, such as children's illnesses or injuries, urinary tract infections, non-COVID-19 upper respiratory infections, tick bites, splinters, cuts, sinus infections, overdue toenail cutting, and so much more. We do ask that you call prior to walking in so that we can ask you a series of screening questions before you arrive.

    This week we will also begin doing well-being calls to local residents over the age of 70 to see if they need anything, or have any concerns.

    Keep your remaining workers healthy. Now is also a good time to get any required employee testing done (OSHA physicals, DOT physicals, Fit-for-Duty physicals, Justice & Law Enforcement physicals). Andy Zuber, PA is certified in occupational medicine as well as family medicine.

    Please support the Boothbay Region Health Center by relying on us to serve your Primary Care needs for patients of all ages. Financial donations are also most welcome at this time, as we need to invest in more personal protective equipment for our providers and staff in order to serve you safely.

    Please call 633-1075 for more information. Our hours remain the same: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mon-Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.