Boothbay Region Health Center closed Memorial Day weekend

Tue, 05/24/2022 - 10:30am

    Working six days a week is exhausting for Dr. Teel. So when he asked for a 3-day weekend, we said, "of course!" So, the Boothbay Region Health Center will be closed Saturday, May 28 and Monday, May 30. If you need a prescription renewal, please plan ahead and call by Thursday or Friday.

    You may not be aware that Dr. Allan “Chip” Teel has been keeping the Health Center's doors open, practically single-handedly, since Whitney Tranchemontagne left us in mid-April. The good news is that he is enjoying the opportunity to meet more of our patients. The other good news is that we have two more primary care providers joining us in June.

    If you haven’t had the privilege of having an office visit with Dr. Teel, you’re in for a treat. All of our patients have told us how much they're enjoying his interest, his willingness to listen, and his accurate diagnoses. He’s our hero, for stepping up in our time of need.

    Dr. Teel has been practicing family medicine for over 35 years in Damariscotta. He is also the executive director (and founder) of the ElderCare Network, a group of affordable, family-style nursing homes. And, he runs another innovative company, Full Circle America—which provides round the clock monitoring of at risk seniors who still live in their own homes.

    We were incredibly lucky to attract Dr. Teel to join our medical practice when we launched the Boothbay Region Health Center in Jan. 2018. He had closed his family medicine practice in Damariscotta in order to become the Director of Clinical Innovation at Eastern Maine Health Systems—a position that only lasted six months, when it turned out that they didn’t really want to innovate. Chip joined us because he believed in our vision to provide affordable, accessible, preventive primary health care on the Boothbay peninsula. He offered to join our team of medical providers and to see patients—both walk in and by appointment—on the weekends. After the first year, we discovered that nobody came to our Health Center on Sundays, so Dr. Teel continued to practice on Saturdays. Now, since we are currently lacking two medical providers, Dr. Teel is working six days/week, seeing virtually all of our patients. We are so grateful for his dedication to our community health center and his appreciation for the kind of medicine we are committed to provide—unhurried, thoughtful, convenient, affordable, thorough.

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