Boothbay House of Pizza to reopen soon

Posted:  Monday, January 7, 2019 - 2:30pm

The Boothbay House of Pizza will be reopening soon, according to a sign owner Mark Rigas recently posted on the restaurant’s front door. The restaurant was closed Oct. 31 after an electrical fire did extensive damage to the back entrance and kitchen. Rigas said he is receiving constant phone calls and messages from community members concerned over rumors the restaurant will not reopen. On the contrary, the restaurant is well on its way to opening its doors to the public once again. Rigas said hopefully that will be within a month.

“It’s about halfway done. We finished cleaning and sanitizing and now we’re just waiting on the floor and for everything to come back together.”

Community members Linda Foster and Leah Timberlake opened a First National Bank savings account when they heard that Rigas’s wife, Giannoula – Joanna to many and “Mama” to most – fell ill while visiting Greece and cannot fly home until she is feeling better and is cleared by her doctor.

“We just felt we should do something for them, especially Joanna,” said Timberlake. “We’re a giving community.”

People who want to help can walk into the Boothbay Harbor branch (on Oak Street) and ask to donate to the fund. They can also leave a little note to Mark and Giannoula, said Foster. “Mark has done so much for others, this is just a good way for people to give back.”

Rigas said he has been quite busy with the cleaning and renovations, but that the community continues to give him the strength to carry on.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their moral support and handshakes and everything. It keeps me going.”