Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 7:00pm

The annual meeting for BHYC was this past Saturday was well attended. The group was present for the nomination of and voting for the slate of the flag officers. Liz Rettenmaier will move up to commodore, Michael Smith will come on as vice commodore, Jon Dunsford will serve his second term as rear commodore, Kitty Chapman will serve her second term as treasurer, Julie Krug will step into the secretary’s roll replacing Sarah Strouss and Marion Flores is yet again the chair of the finance committee.

I will be stepping down as commodore and become past commodore ex officio at the end of September. It’s hard not do some reflection on the last year as I complete my term as commodore. I will say that Rob Wheeler, who preceded me, made the job look so simple. I realize now that it was because of his easy going and, yes, graceful demeanor that he rose to challenges he faced. I have approached my term with a positive attitude seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. And grow I have. This growth would not have been possible were it not for the tireless support of the team mentioned above, as well as our extremely gifted and professional General Manager Tom Serino. Tom is the first professional manager BHYC has ever had. In fact, the use of the word team has caught on. We are transitioning into a new form of governance where teams and team leaders will hold sway.

The clubhouse team leader is Mimi O’Neill, the membership team leader is Sandy Wheeler, the waterfront team leader is Rear Commodore Jon Dunsford, the junior program team leader is
Charlie Cochrane, the buildings and grounds team leader is Tom Blake, and the administrative team leader is Commodore Liz Rettenmaier. Each one of these teams will be comprised of former committees and their chairs grouped accordingly as to their role in support of the club.

The intended outcome will be better communication and heightened awareness and streamlining of the workings of BHYC as we enter our 125th anniversary. My reflections would be incomplete without my very fond thoughts surrounding our staff. Dining room manager Hristo Ivanov has done so much more than simply manage the dining room. He has burned the midnight oil in support of bookkeeper Angela Perceval and the office as well. Chef Raymond Franklin dazzled us over and over again with his global talents. And Dave Schoentag once again kept us well tended at the bar. Geoff McCuskey brought the adult sailing director’s position to new heights and Chris Liberti delighted the junior program with his skillful directorship. Chantalle Arsenault as junior tennis director instructed the young people beautifully. Speaking of beautifully, I’m reminded of our waitstaff Laura Hunt, Snejana Lazar, Katherine Conlisk, Marin Ivanhov and Marija Coric.

Our stewards, Paul Pinkham, Jim Stormont and Ron MacLaren, skillfully manned the launch and made certain that everything was always ship shape on the waterfront. Althea Fournier in her quiet and efficient way made certain that the entire campus was always bib and tucker ready for whatever may be happening. A very special thank you to all who have and will continue to be on the team.