Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 4:00pm

The campus is teaming with exuberant young folks. The Junior programs, both sailing and tennis, are in full swing. It is a joy to hear their youthful voices and see them enjoying their summer. The weather seems to be cooperating with Wedgwood blue skies and cotton wisp clouds, as I write on July 1. Gentle breezes wafting through the now full blown green leaves creating a sound of their own and shade for the youngsters. Some of them are grouped under bright blue umbrellas at picnic tables overlooking the mooring field. My summer memories kick in and I can almost taste their sandwiches and chips.

For the adults, our Adult Sailing Director Geoff McCuskey is a welcome addition to our programs. He is available for private lessons. We are delighted to have Geoff return.

Last Wednesday’s Adult Race Results are as follows: Race One – 1st Place Anna Marie (Peter Branch); 2nd Place C Fever (Carol Sewell), 3rd Place Mumtaz (Nate Cagle); Race Two — 1st Place C Fever (Carol Sewell), 2nd Place Anna Marie (Peter Branch), 3rd Place Mumtaz (Nate Cagle).

These races are a wonderful way to have sailors on the water and power boaters as well. After the challenge they gather around the bar for tall tales and camaraderie.

BHYC’s Tuesday Speaker Series is well under sail. Thanks to Carole Cochran for the wonderful authors and Sue and Dane Hartgrove for the engaging speakers. Sign ups for these are available at the reception desk. Last week John Yrchick delighted the crowd with his talk and photographs of Bhutan on the southern slopes of The Himalayas in southern Asia.

Thursday the 4th will be celebrated with an over the top cookout and one of the best places in town to see the fireworks.