Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 4:00pm

It’s difficult to believe that BHYC is entering its third week of the season. I have heard it said by more than one past commodore that from now until the end of September “It’s just a blur.” Of course, for me, I think “the blur” reared its head shortly after Work Day Saturday, May 18. The following Monday I wrote this column. It was a glowing report of how our members come together twice a year. Work Day in the spring to prepare the club for the season as well as Work Day in the fall to put the campus in shape for the off season. Although, with the new Sailing and Education Center that celebrates its first birthday this month, BHYC is, for the first time in 124 years, a year-round operation.

Imagine if you will, on both occasions, a cheery swarm of bees tending their hive. I wrote of windows to be washed, screens to be put in, brass and silver alike to be polished, gardens to be artfully tended, our fleet to be awakened from its long winter’s nap, and on and on. I carefully checked and rechecked the article and then unwittingly … popped the send button with satisfaction only to find out much past the deadline for the Register that I had sent it to the wrong Kevin. Copies available upon request.

So, it would seem that I have some catching up to do. Two of our most well attended events have come and gone — The Commissioning and The Commodore’s Reception. Both are bib and tucker dos.

The timeless Navy blazers, pinstriped dress shirts and club ties reappear. The club’s “colors,” flags, are flown once again celebrating 124 years. Past commodores are assembled and honored by name. There is a moment of silence remembering members who have passed.

The Commodore’s Reception is a bit more lively affair. The invitation posted the hours 6 to 8. I arrived at 5:30 in order to look in on the flowers and food displays and such. The parking lot was almost, if not completely, full. Much to my surprise, the shindig was well underway. Now I know what you’re thinking … the blur; he was late to his own party. Not so. Many used the excuse for their early arrival was the parking. I think it’s more like kids on Christmas morning. They just couldn’t wait. Many were just back from their winter climes and were eager to see old friends and meet new members.

Speaking of which, I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Sandy Wheeler and Sharma Schacknow, our Membership co-chairs, for all of the new members; double digit numbers joining BHYC this year.