Boothbay Harbor Police Department ready to help

Sun, 03/15/2020 - 2:45pm

    The Boothbay Harbor Police Department and Fire Department have been receiving calls and questions about the current situation involving coronavirus and what we can do to assist people who are at high risk in the community,. We want the public to know we have been working on this issue night and day.

    Currently, if you are a person (or are caring for a person) in a high risk health group in Boothbay Harbor, and you are concerned about how you will obtain basic needs, or you have questions about basic needs that are not answered in this post you may text or call:

    - The Boothbay Harbor Police Chief Robert Hasch at (207-380-9903)

    - The Boothbay Harbor Fire Chief Nick Upham at (207-380-5635)

    You may text or call 7 days a week. We ask that these lines be used for this purpose only.

    We are able to help, and have resources at our disposal.

    For normal police calls please continue to use:

    - 911 for emergencies

    - 633-2451 or the Chiefs office at 633-5616

    Officers are on duty 24/7 365.

    Other phone numbers you may utilize:

    - Boothbay Region Community Resources Holly Stover 207-350-7477 (text or call)

    - The food pantry phone number is 207-350-2962

    - The Boothbay Harbor Town Office 633-3671

    - The Boothbay Town Office 633-2051

    - St. Andrews Urgent Care 633-2121

    - County Emergency Management 882-7559


    - Nathan's Pharmacy has informed BRCRC they will home deliver prescriptions. 207-315-2280

    - BRCRC also reports that Walgreen's will home deliver prescriptions if you are a current customer - you are required to sign up. 633-7023

    Groceries and Healthcare

    We have been meeting with Lincoln Health, Boothbay Region Community Resources, the food pantry, and other area groups discussing a plan in which we can have police, fire, and other volunteers bring small amounts of basic need items to your door in the case of people from high risk groups who choose to stay out of the public, and do not have family or friends to assist. We would highly encourage people to check on friends and neighbors who may be in this circumstance.

    In addition we are in steady communication with;

    - Boothbay Harbor Town Manager Julia Latter and

    - Boothbay Town Manager Dan Bryer and

    - Southport Select Chairperson and Fire Chief Gerry Gamage

    - Fire Chief Dick Spofford from Boothbay

    - Fire Chief Roy Potter from Edgecomb

    - Boothbay Region Ambulance Director Scott Lash

    - Local EMA Representative Scott Campbell

    - County EMA Representative Casey Stevens

    - Local School Administration

    - The Boothbay Region YMCA Director Andy Hamblett

    - The Community Center staff at the Small Mall

    - The Lincoln County Sheriffs Department, Sheriff Todd Brackett and Lt. Brendan Kane

    - Police Chiefs from every Municipality in Lincoln County

    - All have pledged their department support in any way necessary.

    In regards to law enforcement we are working closely with the Sheriff’s Department, and the three other Municipal Departments in Lincoln County to ensure that all services run smoothly.