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I love a mystery!
Mon, 06/07/2021 - 7:45am

What type of mystery stories do you like best?  Would you select a simple murder investigation, a scary hang-on-to-your-seat thriller, or one with a lot of suspense? Do you prefer one particular author or do you choose to read a variety of them? If you read a lot of mysteries you probably have noticed that most of the crimes, especially burglaries, are committed by the male population.

Recently the “I love a mystery book club” finished reading “The Burglar” by Thomas Perry. The author's protagonist Elle is a burglar. She was raised and trained by her family of thieves. She is beautiful, athletic, creative, and smart. She is methodical in her planning, and her knowledge of electronics and tools is amazing. Elle does have certain ethics however: robbing only the rich, like a modern day Robin Hood.

Having lived in the South West I can tell you that the author's description of Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs was spot on. The lovely Spanish Style 1920 homes were being replaced by the rich and famous with mansions.  

While in the middle of robbing one such estate Elle discovers three dead bodies and soon burglar turns investigator. When she realizes that her life is in danger, she uses her skills as a burglar in an effort to solve the case.

The “I love a mystery book club”  truly loved the book and had a great discussion. Will Elle give up her life of crime and become a criminal investigator? Who knows.  

Thomas Perry has published 27 novels. His first, the popular “Butcher's Boy,” won the Edgar Award for best first mystery. He is also well known for his “Jane Whitefield” series. Jane is a Native American Guide, often called the Patron Saint of the pursued. She specializes in making victims vanish. There are currently eight books in this series and for those of you patiently waiting, yes Perry will have a new one out in September, titled “The Left Handed Twin.”

Happy reading mystery lovers!

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