Boothbay approves both local referendum questions by wide margins

Residents support three state initiatives, but oppose York County casino
Posted:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 8:30am

Boothbay voters adopted two new local ordinances during Tuesday’s state referendum election. One local ordinance regulates retail marijuana and the other establishes nine drug-free zones.

Local Question Two asked voters “Shall an ordinance entitled 2017 Amendments  to the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Boothbay Regarding Retail Marijuana Establishments” be enacted? The question was approved 659 to 379.

Question Three, approved 794 to 253, establishes the following locations as drug-free zones: Harold B. Clifford Playground, Knickerbocker Lake Access Area, Knickercane Island, Knickerkane Boat Launch and parking areas, Boothbay Common, Three Trees on Ocean Point, Murray Hill Boat Launch, Shipbuilders Park, and Grimes Cove Path. The ordinance is designed to protect minors from people trafficking, furnishing, or cultivating drugs within designated safe zones.

On the state ballot, Boothbay supported three of the four questions. Question One, which would have allowed a York County casino, was the only state ballot question that failed locally and statewide. Boothbay voters rejected the measure 177 to 873. Boothbay voters supported Question Two, which allows for expanded Medicaid eligibility statewide, 640 to 412. Boothbay voters supported Question 3 which approved state bonds for funding infrastructure projects 794 to 253. And Question Four allowed a change in Maine’s constitution for stabilizing the state pension system. The vote was yes 684 and no 340.

Boothbay had 1,057 residents cast ballots in the November election.