The Bayville Buzz: License plate comparisons

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 11:30am

As the days get shorter and the nights get  cooler it can mean only one thing - that summer ales are disappearing. The beer selection may be changing, but hopefully, there is still a lot of great weather headed our way.

The code of silence among Bayvillians this summer in regards to getting me any news continues, so I will do what I do best — make things up.

Actually, the one bit of news I do know is that Rick Copeland has been hard at work preparing the Friendship Garden for its return to glory. So far, the work has entailed weeding, weeding and some more weeding, along with the removal of a few trees and the pergola. Rick is busy drawing up his designs and has been fastidiously reading every book written on Frank Olmstead so he gets his plans just right. Look for the unveiling in 2020!

As I drove up from Massachusetts (MA) the other day (yes, I’m one of those), I wondered if there is any correlation between the proliferation of New York (NY) license plates and crows this summer? Then I thought, are NY plates to a MA person (this is a family paper so I won’t use the name that is used for people from MA) the equivalent to MA plates to a Mainer? Could they be equal? Could MA be worse?

Then I thought, perhaps, there aren’t more people from NY on the roads here, maybe it’s just that the new plates are extra obnoxious, I mean noticeable, from near and far. What are they trying to say, “Hey, look at me - I’m from New York!”? OK, Vermont’s is pretty obvious too, but it’s green and its Vermont. Who knew that the invasion we keep hearing about at the southern border is right here in Maine?

Anyway, it’s all in good fun and wherever we are from we are more alike than different and obviously, we all enjoy Maine and the wonderful things the state has to offer. Hopefully, Maine has enjoyed having us and we have left things pretty much as we found them. So thank you to the people of Maine — and more specifically, the people of the Boothbay region — for your hospitality and your sense of humor!

Next week will be the column of all columns — the one most of you wait all year for — our annual run down of the highs and lows of the season — and when all the secrets you thought I didn’t know are revealed. This year’s edition will be jaw dropping. Happy reading — for most of you!

The Spencer house has been under siege from family from all over the country and they love it! I think they were expecting 18 people for a family volley ball tournament. I didn’t hear any reports of sirens, so I am assuming the day was a lot of fun and injury free.

The McNamaras have jumped on the dog wagon  and are now are the happy owners of a rescue dog from Alabama. Maverick just had his first visit to Bayville and like the rest of us, loved seeing Linekin Bay for the first time. Maverick is four months old and is being trained to chase crows - but not New Yorkers.

Have a great week and Labor Day (don’t forget Boothbay Harbor Fest!) and get your news to before it’s too late!