The Bayville Buzz: Alllison adventures, swimming and more

Tue, 08/13/2019 - 11:00am

Hmm, not much news came across our desks this week so sit back and enjoy the Allison diaries. Will and Jillian Allison gave up Colorado mountain life for a couple of weeks as they visited from Denver. Per usual, there were lots of activities, laughs and food. Is it just us or do the rest of you have the days eating destinations or menu figured out by the time breakfast is over?

The weekend began with Friday night dinner and Brian and Liam McNamara along with parents Karen and Pat joining the fun.

Saturday morning there was the dismantling of the kayak rack (it had become more of a sculpture — and not an attractive one — in recent years). There was also a run out at Zak Preserve — great way to explore the BLRT’s trials. Pancake breakfast and then paddle boarding and  kayaking. There was some boating and some shopping for the ladies.

Some of us went to Brady’s later that day and discovered that people were celebrating their 40th reunion from Boothbay Region High. The Holy Mackerels rocked the place and if my sources are correct — which we’ve learned they may not be — this is the same band that was rocking the same people at their original graduation in 1979. Talk about deja vu.

Just as an FYI, the top five songs of ’79 (according to Billboard - not me!) were:

Knack - “My Sharona”

Donna Summer - “Bad Girls”

Chic - “Le Freak”

Rod Stewart - “Da Ya Think I'm Sexy”

Peaches and Herb - “Reunited”

Yikes. Thankfully, the Holy Mackerels did not add any of those songs to their playlist while I was there — though I do have to admit “My Sharona” wasn’t too bad and I would still be able to sing at least one line from each of the other songs.

The top five grossing movies; “Kramer vs Kramer,” “Amityville Horror,” “Rocky 2,” “Star Trek:The Motion Picture” and “Alien.” Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. 

As we all know, Linekin Bay has been alive with a number of different boats all summer. Most of them have been in pursuit of pogies and from what I have seen, it has been a successful pursuit, at least from the crews perspective. The pogies and their eventual target of lobsters, would probably disagree.

Sunday, the Allison “kids” along with Jillian, headed off to Damariscove. Laura Allison is becoming known as Eagle Eye as she spotted porpoises, sun fish, and eagles (of course), as we cruised to and from. Our early start proved key as we were able to snag a coveted mooring. BRLT and for this this season at least, Ed and Bailey, have done a great job maintaining the trials. We explored most of the island and had a great time. Turned out it was the place to be and there were numerous boats in the harbor when we returned from our walk. 

One group was the Stover/Baker Brigade. Smokey and Jared were nice enough to shuttle us out to our boat. There was talk of an on demand water shuttle (Scuber?) service. Get in before the stock goes public. While they toiled at sea, Kit, Rebecca, Caroline and Eleanor enjoyed the island themselves. 

After our return, a kayak around the bay uncovered the following information. First, Craig Collins and daughters Emma and Charlotte were just tying up after a week long sail to destinations unknown. Mom, Pam, stayed behind to train their new rescue dog in the fine art of doggie etiquette. From what I saw the excitable dog may have a few more classes.

Speaking of dogs, there was quite a get together on Virginia St. that day as rescue dogs from West Virginia and Alabama (and now Rock Cottage) sized up - and I do mean sized up - Big Red (of Cobble Top and Rudy Jordan) as they went about their business.

Rudy has downsized her living quarters — at least temporarily — as she has moved out of the big house as she prepares for another wave of visitors.

When out at Damariscove, I checked one item off my list as I swam in the cove there. Much more impressive was Pam Collins who crossed circumventing the whole of Fisherman’s Island off her to do list. This doesn’t seem all too impressive until you realize she did all of it while swimming! 

Julie and David Merrill graciously supplied spotting duties from the comfort of the Mary Alice while she and a friend swam the archipelago. Congratulations Pam! Speaking of swimming, be at the Collins dock this Sunday, the 18th, when the annual Cabbage Island Swim (and Kayak) begins at 12:45.

Have a great week and keep (start!) the news coming to