’Round Town

Barrett’s Boats

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 7:00am

Every now and then (more then than now), it’s fun to rummage through some old files well preserved in shoe boxes under the bed and in closets throughout the property. Looking at images from back in the totally film days brings up fond memories of people and places I have come to know during our time here.

Take for example the photograph I have chosen to share for this week's adventure in time travel. This has always been one of my favorite images from many visits to a favorite place, Barrett’s Park.

Happy to be corrected if I am wrong, but I think these boats belonged to Charlie Begin and maybe Butch Brewer (and perhaps others?) for herring fishing. As per usual, I did not date the image but a safe bet might be early ’80s. Hard to say actually as I have been prone to wander aimlessly throughout the region for no particular reason. Character flaw. But one never knows when or where something interesting might turn up.

Back then, I think I would have been using a camera called “RB67” manufactured by Mamiya. It was a medium format camera, meaning just what it says. It used film that was sort of half way between 35mm and the larger sheet film 4X5 equipment. Later on, I migrated to the epic workhorse Hasselblad system which I still have and still use. These are great cameras with wonderful Zeiss lenses. Very fundamental equipment, well built in Sweden and extremely versatile. Cut a mean negative – still do.

Black and white film was plentiful back then. KODAK was producing a full line of great films. Fuji and Ilford, too. But it was about that time that I began to use the German film AGFA. I did some tradeshow work for them around the country and internationally and always managed to be gifted an abundant supply of raw material. They are no longer in the film business, which is a real shame. We have lost many great films over the years, but Ilford is still making black and white film and if you are willing to wait and jump in on a group order, even some of the great KODAK films can be acquired – primarily for large format view cameras. I stashed some AGFA black and white film that I have kept cold over the years.

So, there you have it. Too much information, I know. But, like I said, it’s fun to digress (at least for me). I hope my image choice will bring back some good memories for others too.

Happy, merry, holy mackerel (or maybe herring) for all, and for all a good night.

Mitchell out.