letter to the editor

Are you blessed?

Mon, 02/22/2021 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

Today, upon contemplating my 90-plus years of life, I wonder, am I taking for granted those simple, but powerful gifts that shadow me throughout each day? I’m upright, mobile and still possess most of the marbles between my ears. What a lucky old gal I am, or is this more a blessing than luck?

Tell me, can you see? Can you look out your window and see the brilliant hues of fall, the cotton white drifting snow, the majesty of lupine in bloom? The sweet face of your grandchild? There are those who don’t see anything anymore. Give thanks that you do.

Can you hear? Can you listen to your favorite music? Do you hear the sweet song of a bird on a nearby tree branch? Did you hear the baby’s first words? There are those who don’t hear anything. Give thanks that you do.

Do you speak? Can you tell me your thoughts? Will you sing Christmas carols with us? Can we have a chat? There are those who are unable to speak at all. Give thanks that you can.

Do you feel my touch? Did you see that great movie? Isn’t that a beautiful sight? Don’t you love that song? Shall we take a walk? Would you like to hold your grandson? Wasn’t that a beautiful sunset?

And so, tell me, can you see? Can you hear? Can you feel? Can you talk? Can you walk? Can you touch? Can you listen?

You are blessed. Give thanks!

Pat Young

East Boothbay