American Legion

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 11:00am

On Jan. 7, we lost Micheal Leighton, a member of our American Legion Sons of the Legion, the son of our member Pete Leighton, and a friend to so many in the community and beyond. While I did not know Mike very well, I sure learned a lot about him at his celebration of life last Saturday! So many wonderful stories were shared, and I truly know now why he was loved and considered a brother to so many.

On Feb. 14, at the Post and Sons meeting, he will be remembered in a brief Sons of the Legion ceremony. In his honor and to support the family, the hot dog and bean supper we are having on Jan. 29 will be dedicated to the Leighton family. 100% of the dinner donations will go to the family. The dinner will go from 4:30 to 6:30 and as always, COVID protocols will be followed. Take out is also available. No reservations are necessary, just come, have fun, support the Leighton's, and enjoy a comfort food dinner!

On Feb. 10, from 10 until we are done, John Brinzow of the VA Benefits will be at the Hall to assist those that need help registering with Remember, is the now official way to get recognition of your veteran status within the federal government and many businesses who offer military discounts.

There are still many veterans over 65, on Medicare and perhaps who have supplemental insurance, who say, "why do I need VA healthcare?" If you don't have co-pays, aren't paying any premiums, get hearing aids and glasses for free, then perhaps you don't. But if you do, then you should think about VA healthcare. There are no premiums and while there can be some co-pays, they are likely to be significantly less than what you would in the private sector. When you are in the VA healthcare system, you can still be in the private sector and use whichever system you want, whenever you want. In emergencies, you go to the nearest urgent care or ER. If you are enrolled in the VA healthcare system, you just tell them you are. Don't show your other insurance or Medicare cards. And, within 72 hours, notify the VA of the situation. I know it can be easier to just use your private insurance, but convenience will cost you money. You can still see your private primary care doctor under your other insurance, and still use the VA. Not all veterans are eligible for VA healthcare, but more likely than not, a veteran is. To see if you are, or have any questions, call the Hall at 633-4487.

The next Auxiliary breakfast is Saturday, Feb. 12 from 8 to 10 a.m.  Don't forget the Valentine theme and the chance to have fun in an "outrageous" costume and win a prize.

The Post next meeting is Monday, Feb. 14.