American Legion Post 36

Mon, 01/23/2023 - 7:45am

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. The Travis Mills Foundation is once again hosting a breakfast for all Vietnam era Veterans on the 29th from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Augusta Civic Center. You can register yourself and one guest by going to and “News/Events.” Last year they had over 350 and expect to go over 400 this year.

As you all know, the DD 214 is the key to almost every veteran benefit. What is critically important is the character of discharge (honorable, other than honorable, dishonorable, etc) which is shown on the form. Most DD 214s are one page and it shows the “honorable discharge” on it. But, not all. In some cases it is page 4, or what is shown on the bottom of the form is “member-4.” All veterans should double check that the DD 214 they have and ensure it shows “honorable discharge” on it. If not, then you have to go through the process to get the “member-4” form. Best to do that while you are healthy and have the time to get your affairs in order and not leave it to the family when it is far more difficult. Military honors, funeral benefits, and the burial flag all depend on having the Dd 214 with “honorable” on it. The separate “Certificate of Honorable Service” which many military members receive when discharged is not accepted as certifying honorable service.

A reminder for all veterans who are in the VA healthcare system and are eligible for Medicare. If you go to the emergency room or urgent care center, you need to tell the administration that you are in the VA healthcare system. You don’t want to show your Medicare card. Your emergency care will be 100% covered by the VA but if use Medicare, in most cases, you will have a co-pay. You also need to contact the VA at 844-724-7842 within 72 hours. Should the Urgent Care or hospital send you a bill, don’t pay it and notify VA Togus at (207) 623-8411, ext. 6669.

The 4 Chaplain Ceremony is at 1000 on Feb. 4. This truly is a “must attend” event and while it honors four chaplains who gave up their lives to save the soldiers on the sinking ship Dorchester, it honors all chaplains. Over 400 chaplains have paid the ultimate sacrifice in War. There are 16 chaplains on the Vietnam Wall in D.C.. Nine Chaplains have received the Medal of Honor. Please plan on attending the event at the American Legion Hall on the 4th.

The next Post meeting for 2023 is Feb. 13; dinner at 5:30 and meeting at 6.