American Legion Post 36

Mon, 05/02/2022 - 11:00am

While August is a long way away, I wanted to let the membership and the community know that our yard sale will be held August 6. This year we actually have the ability to store items starting now that anyone is willing to donate. So, as you do your spring cleaning and are wondering what to do with treasures you don't want to give up but know that the time has come … you can bring them to the Hall. For our members, the key to the storage unit, the one that is directly across from the front of the Hall, is in the lock box at the rear of the building. All members should have the combination to that lock box, but if you don't, just call or email me and I'll provide it. The yard sale will be for the community as well. As we have in the past, we will be "selling" a 10-foot by 20-foot section of the yard for anyone to "set up shop." More on all of that as we get closer to August.

Have you visited the VA Maine's website recently? They have just launched an all-new VA Maine Healthcare System website. I did a quick browse through it and found lots of interesting information. Did you know that Togus is a research and teaching hospital and that it is affiliated with 23 medical institutions around the country? Ever wonder what the wait time is to see your doctor at Togus, or Portland, or any of the other VA Maine locations? They are all provided. We all know that Togus is the oldest VA hospital in the country established by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war, but the complete history is available on the website. There are many forms of transportation available to make your appointments at Togus. What they are can be found on the website and if it is confusing, they provide the name and the number to call. What to compare Togus medical care with other hospitals in the state and country, that is provided as well. I think you will be impressed at how Togus ranks … although for many of us who use Togus, I'm not surprised. The good news, this new website doesn't affect the MyHealthyVet site. So managing your personal healthcare online hasn't changed.

Memorial Day is now the next big event for the Legion, veterans, military and the community in general. We will be adjusting the parade times this year to be more realistic with the hopes of avoiding long wait times for the parade to start. Any organization who would like to participate in this parade, contact the post at 633-4487. For all you veterans, time to get out your old uniforms and see if they still fit. Still time let out if they don't!

For all members, the elections for the 2022-2023 officer team will be held at this Monday's May 9 meeting.

The next breakfast is Mother's Day, May 8.