American Legion Post 36

Tue, 06/01/2021 - 10:45am

As I sit here and write this week's article, I wish I had a crystal ball. Monday is the Memorial Day Parade and the weather doesn't look good. Did it rain on all the parades? If so, did the town come out to remember our fallen? One thing I know for sure, RADM Howard led the veterans, even if it was a downpour. I want to sincerely thank ADM Howard for taking the time to come to Boothbay and be part of this most important and sacred event. Whether we remember our fallen with big parades in cities with thousands watching or in a series of really small parades in a grateful community of a few hundred, the meaning is the same and having the Commander of Naval Special Operations coming from Coronado, California to be part of our community honoring our veterans makes my point.

I want to especially thank the high school students who put together the poster that provided the names of all our high school students that died in all the wars going back to World War I. Having the Fallen Soldier Memorial followed by the van with the names, really brings what Memorial Day is all about close to home. Thank you Christina Morley and her Seahawk Proud group for making that happen; and thank you Sarah Sherman with helping with the research.

Another reason I wish I had a crystal ball is to know how the barbecue went? This is one of the events that we don't know if we will get 20 or 100. No matter the turn out, many thanks to our American Legion Auxiliary for make that happen and to Ed Harmon for doing the "flipping."

The next event at the Hall will be the Flag Disposal ceremony on June 13. Flag day is June 14 but we wanted to be sure as many students as possible attend. Besides the very important and moving disposal ceremony, led by our Americanism Officer, Chris Armstead, there will be a demonstration on how to properly fold the flag. Know how to do that already? Do you know that there is a meaning for each fold you make in flag? Come to the ceremony starting at 2PM on the 13 and be part of events that truly gives honor to our treasured flag.

This Sunday is our breakfast again! We have made some adjustments as we are now experiencing many more guests than we ever have and we want to be sure that we ensure we have our normal quality breakfast items for everyone who comes between 7 and 9AM. Having so many folks enjoying our breakfast and the comradery of being with friends in the community is so appreciated! The periodic free raffle items just makes that much more fun.

The next Legion meeting is June 14. Hot dogs/hamburgers at 5:30 p.m., the meeting starts at 6.