American Legion Post 36

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 7:30am

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with all of us and thank all for coming together in support of each other in this difficult time. I am hearing about volunteers delivering food to those sheltered in, stores monitoring the way the do business to ensure everyone stays safe, restaurants that are doing take out when not their normal practice, and just neighbors checking on neighbors. During this difficult time, we must all look after each other.

There are those out there who are preying on the vulnerable. There is a new wave of scams surfacing in an attempt to exploit the coronavirus fears. Recently, a VFW member received a call from an individual identifying himself as a VFW Representative and asked for credit card information in exchange for a gift card. This is a scam. Should someone call you stating they represent the American Legion, ask for the American Legion membership number, or just hang up.

The PENFED Foundation has partnered with the DAV to provide the COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program. This provides financial assistance to all Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard who are experiencing a financial setback due to the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant amount will support one month of payment up to $1,500 in the following areas: Rent, Mortgage, Auto Loan/Lease, Utilities (Electric, Water, Heat). All checks will be sent directly to the creditor or landlord after the grant is approved. The Foundation can only support one emergency financial request per household. Go to: to apply online.

The American Legion also has the Veterans Emergency Assistance Program for short term emergencies. Go to the and scroll down until you find the link.

The Hall will not be open for formal meetings the month of April. The Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce After Hours scheduled for 29 April is cancelled and hopefully can be rescheduled. All legionnaires have access to the Hall so small meetings following subscribed health practices, can be held.

Work on the Hall continues. The entry way to the Hall is the last to be done and it will be scheduled for some time in April. The window treatments will be complete by the end of April. The new sound system is in the planning stage. The next phase will be to reinstall all the traditional Legion decorations, memorabilia, and pictures as appropriate. The goal is to maintain the Legion “feel” while still being attractive to those who want to rent the Hall. All will be invited to participate in this phase.

As of this writing, the American Legion Service Officers at Togus are doing business via telephone. As usual, make appointments via the Legion Admin person, Julie Kern, by calling 623-5726.

Please call the Hall (633-4487) if you know of a veteran family in need during this difficult time.