47th running of BHYC Regatta first in a series of classic regattas on the Maine coast

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    The Classic Yacht Owners Association has endorsed the BHYC Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge as part of its Classic Yachts Challenge Series. This series, which also includes the Camden Classics Cup, Castine to Camden, and Camden to Brooklin feeder races, as well as the ever popular Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, attracts a large following of classic yachts. Indeed, these races are must-do events for classic yacht lovers.

    Classics yachts, mostly wooden boats, are lovingly maintained by their owners and through the years many owners have restored their boats to their original condition. Some owners have also modernized the rigs and sail plans replacing turn-of-the-century gaff rigs with Marconi sloop rigs.

    While seasoned sailors agree a Marconi rig makes a boat easier to helm and simplifies sail handling, the gaff rig, with its massive sail, gaff and boom, and the ability to add topsails, certainly makes for an impressive and picturesque sight. Watching one of the many beautiful Friendship sloops that sail in and around Boothbay with their many sails flying is a vivid reminder of a time when sailing was a main method of conveyance.

    The 1938 vintage Boothbay Harbor One Design, a classic 21’ day sailor originally designed for sailors in the Boothbay region, will be a featured boat in this year’s BHYC Regatta as it has been for decades.

    See you there for the 47th  year running! Sunday, July 25, 10 a.m., Inner Harbor parade of BHYC Regatta Shipyard Cup Classic Challenge racing boats --- parade route east side to west --- Announcer heard at Whale Park, Coastal Prime, or on VHF channel 72. FMI contact Andy Mutch 410-353-3861.

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    Sun, 07/25/2021 - 10:00am