Traveling Escape Games

Welcome to Traveling Escape Games

We will entertain you in your home or business with all the puzzle games, locked boxes, a timer, props, real treasure to keep without leaving your home or business.


Traveling Escape Games will bring the immersive adventure to your home or business within a 50 mile radius of Edgecomb/Newcastle. With a minimum of 6 people and up to 10 people per game.  You will have to solve a series of puzzles, decipher codes, unravel clues and complete the mission of finding the real  jewels before your hour is up!! You can choose between two games, Museum Heist or the Pirate Pillage! Every game will have real jewels to find and keep!  We will be offering  sterling silver single pearl earrings for the ladies by and key rings or money clips for the guys. Please join us for an  Escape game/treasure hunt adventure.


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