Tom Minerich - Candidate for Boothbay Harbor Selectboard


“Let’s Bring Boothbay Harbor Together”

I feel fortunate to live in a small town and Boothbay Harbor is a great community. I am a husband, father and grandfather. It’s the warmth of a town’s people, collectively working together and friendliness that has always been appealing and nowhere do they do it better than Boothbay Harbor.

As your candidate for select board, I will work towards reasonable and responsible solutions that will grow our community in a way we can all be proud. We know our schools need funding and our community needs the resources to make choices about our future.

If we work together, we can create that future in a way that everyone in Boothbay Harbor can succeed. We are so many things in this wonderful town – business owners, retirees, builders, fishermen to name only a handful. Join with me in giving Boothbay Harbor it’s best opportunity to succeed on behalf of everyone.